A Little About Me

Early Spring Warblers!

And so it begins, with the warm days we’ve been having for the last few weeks it has helped bring the foliage out on the trees that laid dormant all winter. Warblers don’t stick around here for the winter months, they head south to warmer climates like the Caribbean or South America. As the days grow longer and warmer here in the north the birds slowly make their way back to their breeding grounds. Not all warblers breed in our local area, but there are some that do. Most head up to the Borel Forest area in areas like Maine and Canada. So many of these guys are just migrants.
I was lucky enough to get a chance to head to my favorite watering hole yesterday, and see what early warblers I could find. I wasn’t disappointed, I found some pine warblers and some black and white warblers. Only the pine was cooperative and allowed us to photograph him while foraging for insects.