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Humming Birds of Southern Arizona

One of the big reasons for our trip to Arizona this past April was to photograph Hummingbirds.  Gary and I have been playing around with hummingbird setups for the last few summers now.  It really all started with trying to improve upon the setup we have used many times at Les's place.  

Add to that some information that Keith Rankin had posted on how to shoot hummingbirds and it got me and Gary thinking of building our own rigs.  So we set out to do just that, we used all Nikon flashes in the end but you can do it with Vivitar's like Les' has done or you can do it with Canon flashes too.  
As we were going through our learning period we decided to head down to the Sierra Vista area and hook up with a gentleman named Charles Melton.  Gary and I spent a couple days with Charles learning the finer points of hummingbird photography. 
You can also, book Charles for your own class if your interested, you can contact him here.

Gary and I got to photograph many humming birds under the direction of Charles, and we came away with many successful techniques and images to prove they work.
Since we took so many hummingbird photo's here are just a few of the sampling.