A Little About Me

Early Spring at Lake Chamberlain

I had a chance to head over to Lake Chamberlain today and do some shooting. It's still kind of early to find loads of stuff to shoot but I found a few things. The Eastern Song Sparrows were in abundance and so were the Tree Swallows. I actually flushed a Red Tail Hawk and saw a Broad-wing circling above me a few times. The normal cast of characters are around too like Cardinal's, Titmouse, and Red Bellied woodpeckers.

As far as water birds I saw male and female Mallards, Mergansers and even some Buffleheads.

Its a decent place to bird and I've produced some winning images from there.




Early Spring @ Fort Hale Park

Fort Hale Park is in New Haven located off Woodward Avenue, its between the Coast Guard Station and the US Naval Reserve Training Center. Its a good place to bird in early spring since it will give you some early looks at the spring migrants like Eastern Song Sparrows, Red Wing Blackbirds and the state bird the Robin. There are a few ponds around the area that support some interesting birds at times, I've seen Heron, Yellowlegs and some Egrets. Of course on the Beach side you will find all the normal shore birds for the area like Gulls, Ducks, Cormorants and Mergansers.

If you plan on going to photograph the birds make sure you go early in the morning, this way there is less of a chance you might be approached by some un-desirables.




What's Happening with Backyard Birds

Just thought I'd post a little information as to what is happening in my backyard these days. It's still a little cool out but it seems to be warming up slow but sure. Migration has started but the cool weather is holding off a lot of activity. Here are a few things that I have.

Presently I still have White Throated Sparrows hanging around, they wont be around that much longer as it warms up they will be moving north to breed.


There has been some activity of birds moving in from southern parts. This fox sparrow is here already they are native to this area this time of year.


Lastly the bluebird activity is starting to pick up, they haven't started building a nest yet but the are courting now with the male feeding the female and making wing wave gestures.