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More From The Pond At Elephant Head

The list of "usual suspects" at The Pond is larger then one would think. Since we were spending a week there I decided I was going to try and capture as many species as I could. The Pond is such a great place to shoot, best in early morning and late afternoon, the light seems to be perfect. Its great to capture these images when that light turns golden at the end of the day. Here are a few more.

Gila Woodpecker

A medium sized woodpecker with back and white barred black tail. Tan head and throat, male has a red crown. This is very similar to our own Red Bellied Woodpecker.

Brown Crested Flycatcher
I just love this bird! This is a Brown Crested Flycatcher and it is very common in the southern portion of Arizona. I was lucky enough to get this guy to come to the perch near the pond. Notice the bushy brown crest and the yellow belly and undertail coverts. Very similar to our own Great Crested Flycatcher.


Cactus Wren
This is a very common bird at the pond, it has a wide white eyebrow and a dark crown. Heavily barred wings and tail and slightly decurved bill. A bit larger then our own wrens here in the east.

Gray with a red tipped crest, red patches on face, tail wings and belly. A long tail and a yellow bill. From the same family as the Northern Cardinal.


Black Throated Sparrow

This little guy has a black throat and breast, gray crown, ear patch, back and wings. The white underparts make him stand out with the contrast to the black throat.



More HummingBirds at The Pond At Elephant Head

One of the reasons we headed to AZ once again was to photograph hummingbirds. Since AZ has more hummingbird varieties then any other place in the United States. Many species are only found in this area of the country. Arizona has much more variety then here in the east where we have only one.

Male Black Chin


Female Black Chin

Male Broadbill

Female Broadbill