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Sky Meadow Visit

On Saturday, June 20 a few of us from the New Haven Camera Club took a ride up to Les Campbell's place. Les Campbell, renown for his nature subjects and Quabbin Park scenes, invites you to visit his Photo Gallery at Sky Meadow Studio. You'll find it filled with framed photographs - treasures for your home or office and for gift giving. The Studio is also available for small group functions, workshops, slideshows, retreats and outings.  If you are interested in individual or group portraits with a natural backdrop, you'll find a perfect setting in and around Les' Sky Meadow homestead. And, you'd be hard pressed to find a better tour guide for a trip to Quabbin Park. 
Conveniently located off Route 9 (1/2 mile east of the Belchertown entrance to Winsor Dam) Hours: Wednesdays 1-7 PM (June through mid-October) Sundays 1-4 PM (April, May and mid-October to Christmas)
Other times, by appointment
Les Campbell / Sky Meadow Studio
Ph:  (413) 323-7405

The day we went to visit Les it was cloudy with very light mist and fog in the air. Les has a hummingbird setup where you can place your camera on the tripod and photograph the hummers coming to the feeder. Sometimes there is lots of hummer activity and sometimes there is very little. It would figure that the day we went the activity was very slow. There are also many other things to photograph at Les’ place including old barns, aquatic life around the pond and many birds. You will also find wildflowers for macro work and if your lucky you might catch a glimpse of a hawk or an owl.
Here are a few shots of a Scarlet Tanager a few of us got to photograph while there. Thanks to Les for the hospitality!