A Little About Me

Birds @ Bluebirds Knoll

What I want to know is. Why are the Pine Siskins still here? The Pine Siskins were here as an irruptive species. This simply means that they show up here or in our area in winters when the food in their area is scarce. The siskins here at Bluebirds Knoll have been around since December, now I don’t mind having them hanging around but, these little guys will eat you out of house and home! And they aren’t particularly fussy about what kind of seed they eat. I think they have eaten more of my niger seed then any anything else, although they won’t turn down black oil sunflower seed or hulled sunflower seed if there is no niger. We have an average of about 30 to 35 siskins here. They can eat my large niger feeder dry in one day.


Okay so enough about them, I certainly hope they decide to go back north real soon. Now you didn’t think you would see a blog update from me without a blue bird shot in it did you?