A Little About Me

Big Nor'Easter

Well after spending the last week in Dallas TX for training, it was very easy to get used to 75 to 80 degree temperatures everyday. Of course I come home to some serious rain, lets see my rain gauge says 5 inches already and its not over yet. If it was snow? Hmm I don't even want to think about that! In a few days I'll be off to AZ for some humming bird photography.

Here is a shot of my friend Bluey. He and his partner have been visiting us and giving us the opportunity to enjoy them raising their young for the last few years. I took this shot out my back door, I set this perch up exactly 19 feet from the camera body inside the door to the tip of the perch. It works great, I put some mealworms out on the deck and just wait. I can whack off couple hundred shots in about 20 minutes.


Here is a shot of some Great Horned Owls that I was lucky enough to photograph last year, these guys took over an osprey platform out in a local river. It was great fun watching this little guy grow up. I also met a few good friends out there. Thanks to Tom for helping me get these great images.