A Little About Me

Red Fox

Just a little over a year ago my buddy Gary and I went to check out this fox den we got wind of. Knowing that fox are most active right at dawn we decided to head over to this spot just before sun up. 

We arrived there about 5:30 am and proceeded to look for these little guys. Actually it didn't take long before we found their den and saw them moving around out side of it playing and eating. The mother and father would bring food in for the pups every so often. 

This consisted of things like a rabbit and birds or whatever else they could capture for them. It seemed that these pups were about ready to leave the den any day so we were indeed lucky to even get the chance to photograph them. Fox are a lot like dogs, the young are called pups. Both the male and the female feed the pups through the summer until they are ready to strike out on their own. 

We spent several hours there photographing these guys, it was great fun!