A Little About Me



Well its that time of year, peak hummingbird season. Why? Mostly because they are on the the move back to warmer climates. Another sure sign that summer is slowly drawing to a close. If the hummingbirds aren't gone from your area yet they soon will be. But just remember this, the birds from the northern reaches have to fly through are area to get to the south, so keep those feeders up I'm sure you'll be graced with a visit or two of these beautiful jewels.

Shot this in my back yard over the weekend. Actually on my deck, that flower is over the port of the perky pet feeder. I had a 4 light setup, two in the front and 2 on the background. The background is just a piece of green material, actually a shirt draped over a deck chair. Not sure about the b/g might have to find something that looks a little more natural.

It was a good day all in all I got about 230 shots Sunday from about 10 am until about 8 pm